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Welcome to Jamaican Heritage, or if you prefer, Jamaican Culture

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How many times have you tried to find a Jamaican book, video or DVD? Or a book by a certain jamaican author or something on jamaican heritage or jamaican culture?

Congratulations! You have come to the right place. The aim of this website and business is to promote the Jamaican Heritage and way of life as a positive one, by increasing access to spoken and written material about Jamaica and Jamaicans, done especially but not exclusively by Jamaicans. We hope you will be enlightened by your visit and please tell your friends about us.

We now carry over 100 cultural books, and numerous Videos (PAL), DVDs, CDs, Maps and accessories.
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Jamaica Folk Tales and Oral Histories
by Laura Tanna

A critical scholarly study of Jamaican folk tales against the background of Jamaica's history and culture, examining Jamaican storytelling as a performing art, with over 50 narratives written as performed by the storytellers around the island in the 1970s. Biographic information and photographs of each performer, with complete musical notations to every song, help to make this what Prof. Kamau Brathwaite calls "not only a crucial scholarly work but an invaluable record of what is possibly the last classical expression of our oral Tradition..."

A tribute to Prof. Frederic Cassidy with two narratives in his phonemic writing of Jamaican Creole is included for comparative purposes in this new edition. So highly regarded is this book that two of its photographs and numerous references to the text may be found in the new Vol. VI, Unesco Publishing, General History of the Caribbean.

We have only six sets of Books, Videos and two audio tapes for sale.
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